"Emotional Entertainment is
the heart of influence"
- Daniel Coleman
Keynote Singer ~ Marketing  Leader ~ Motivational Speaker

You walk into a conference, it’s noisy, it’s cold. There’s a sea of people who are all fighting for your time but all they want from you is to sell you something. There’s a pitch before the session, during the session, after the session and even the Keynote’s a pitch. It feels so impersonal and you start to wonder, why am I here?

Don't let your conference be just like the rest.


Put the human back in your event and truly connect with your audience by including a live performance of your very own customized song, specifically tailored for your conference, your brand, and your message.


Your attendees will leave singing about your brand, posting your song on social, and advocating for your company without ever feeling that they’ve been sold to.


What is your story? Allow me to tell it through song.


"   "I told Kate the idea for the song, and what she created was a masterpiece." - Bob Perkins, CEO, AA-ISP

    "Kate's song was so special, the panelists were so excited to hear their names in the song, and I can't thank her enough for helping to make it the best day of my life." - Chad Burmeister, CEO, Scalex.ai

    "Kate's song was the best part of the event" - Chris Morosco, Director of Product Marketing, Palo Alto Networks

Audience at a Performance
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